The Company

High levels of performances and maximum reliability make up the strategic couple of the modern textile industry.

An operative synergy on which has based its engagement FORMIA NUOVA, a company specialized in the achievement of systems for optimizing operations and procedures in the various fields of weaving.

A reality having been capable to become an important reference in the textile world thanks to precise choices: engineering of great skill and professionalisme, forefront design and construction technologies, global orientation with respect to quality in all productive aspects and in dialogue with the market.

A company that is working for making its own customers do better work : this is the principle leading the activity of FORMIA NUOVA , which is organized in a modern place where computers and people, means and ideas, follow the logical guide line of progress.

The Services

As a company being constantly engaged in research and innovation, FORMIA NUOVA is at same time a precise guarantee for the customers and a proposing technological partner.

Indead, behind each FORMIA NUOVA solution, there is a whole world of values, which become concrete in a dynamic and complete Customer Service: from the ability of “perfectly fitting” design to the installation and direct assistance of the systems, up to the best advices for incrementing the potentialities of the departments.

The worldwide biggest manufacturers of looms as well as many companies in the textile field have checked how FORMIA NUOVA is representing much more than an optimum supplier of machines and equipments, but is a real partner for achieving the maximum operating performance and for planing initiatives for growing up.

The Products

As a quality reference in its proper field FORMIA NUOVA is developing its activity with the highest attention for the evolutions of the market and for the modern technological requirements.

Products have therefore been created which are capable to be appreciated for their versatility, their ability of working and their respect for the fabrics.

FORMIA NUOVA is in particular famous for its fabric batchers, with regard to the various models for continuous and for alternate draw, but its engineering capability is a real mine of rational and competitive solutions.

Fabric inspection lines and lines for super-inspection, automatic stores for beams and fabric rolls, systems for moving and storing with computer control, they are all fields where FORMIA NUOVA confirms its abilities for proposing "advanced technology for the textile industry".